Eline Boerma

Eline Boerma is an artist and environmental activist who paints impressions of landscapes with a strong atmosphere and dynamic use of color. Her paintings explore the mysteries of the natural world. Inviting the viewer to step into another world and imagine one full of nature, color and mystery. With her work she always has the current ecological crisis in the back of her mind. She as a maker and person stands against society’s obsession with capitalism and the deification of profit at the expense of human rights. She keeps exploring how to balance activism and engagement in her practice. Eline Boerma also invites us to step into installations and interact with them. The work transforms a space into an experience by means of light installations which give the viewer a moment to be and play with light.

Eline Boerma was born in 1999 in Culemborg, the Netherlands. She lives and works in Utrecht while studying at the HKU.

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