Esmee van Zeeventer

Esmee van Zeeventer (1997) is a Dutch lens-based
artist who is currently earning two bachelors in Fine Art
and Creative media. While moving around she gets stimulated
by something that lets her get lost in a scene that
might have happened, or might be about to happen. She
captures non-scripted images which provoke questions
by the viewer and ask them to consider their own narratives.
She likes to allow space for the audience to create a
personal relationship with the image. Esmee seems to
operate as an investigator of her own universe, reflecting
on her personal history, investigating and showing contemporary
possibilities on everyday motives and matters
while pondering on questions of the world. She extracts
images from the world around her to visualize life’s eternal 
subjects as memories, love, fear and loneliness.

Esmee legt met haar camera voelbare herinneringen vast. Als ze rond loopt wordt ze geprikkeld en verdwaald ze in een voorstelling die mogelijk al gebeurd zou kunnen zijn, of die zou kunnen gaan gebeuren. Ze laat graag ruimte over voor de kijker om een persoonlijk dialoog met het beeld aan te gaan.

Werken van Esmee