Jan Timmers

“It is the things that defy the everyday that strike me. Objects, people or situations, that carry with them a certain imperceptible uniqueness, and start to expand in meaning from the moment they catch my attention. These things, when taken out of context and put on canvas, are able to bring to life a new world, which is the driving force of my artistic practice. The greatest goal is for my work to touch and confront the spectator, I hope to evoke emotion, whichever that may be.

My latest paintings often have a filmic composition. Whereas film consists of pictures in motion, and takes up a certain timespan, the image of a painting is motionless. By using a filmic composition, I try to mobilise the spectator to finish the scene and set the motionless image into motion. This way, my painting becomes the story of the spectator, offering the spectator more than simply an image on canvas.

Through my art, I hope to pull people out of the rut of everyday life, and to confront them with themselves. The figurative character of my art enables the spectator to identify with the image, to then make them sense the alienation that the image imposes on them. Subsequently, the painting is muted and the spectator is expected to dig deep in their own collection of experiences, from which the painting derives its meaning.”

Werken van Jan