Teun Krosenbrink

“I consider myself a stubborn, no-nonsense artist. In these fast-moving times, I’m still in love with the power of a still image. Especially when it’s loaded with mysterious elements and when the execution is precise yet imperfect. Instead of pointing out an experience it has to become the experience itself. 

Starting points are always expanding and changing fields of interest.  
This goes from captivating crime to the critters in my backyard. 

I always work from my evolving archive, where data is added every day. Own imagery, Found footage, combinations of these and coincidences. The entire process of drawing has been digitized in my practice, photoshop acts like a pencil. Here various compositional elements emerge and connections are made.  

Relationships between the analog and digital world are visually tested over and over again within my practice. It is of great importance that works never become too perfect. It’s no coincidence that making and breaking are inextricably linked.

I see myself as a maker and destroyer at the same time. 

In my native language the word for painting is schilderen Traced in etymology; To paint a shield. In times that shields were still used for protection; the shields were custom adjusted to show who was under the armor. Showing which knight was beneath the harness.” – Teun Krosenbrink

Werken van Teun