Tycho van Zomeren

“In the practice of Tycho van Zomeren the experience of viewing a painting is always of primary concern. Throughout his highly realistic paintings, Van Zomeren investigates how people perceive painting, and questions every step of his practice. By applying methods of reduction, researching the philosophy of perception, and by using images that seem almost cliché at times, Van Zomeren deconstructs the viewing experiences of his works.

Contrary to encountering his works through digital media, seeing Van Zomeren’s paintings in real life requires engagement of the spectator. Because of this, the choice for his subjects is a deliberate challenge, attempting to undermine the expectations of the audience, and raising a curiosity for something that at first glance borders the banal. As he undresses all steps of the viewing process, Van Zomeren suspends the gaze of his audience, bringing a joy and sense of wonder back into play.”

Werken van Tycho